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Safety Wear or Safety Gear - there's really no question

Years ago safety wasn't really top of mind in the work environment. You may be to young to remember that. Especially since Safety is the top priority at work, on the field, in our cars, at the airport, in our homes and at our schools.

There was a time though if an accident happened and someone was hurt or worse, it was written off as "well they should've been more careful or paid more attention". It's taken us humans hundreds of years to realize that accidents can be avoided if we care about the health and safety of others and ourselves. When you think about the difference between today and years past, it's like we were still living in the caveman days. I get the visual of "George of the Jungle!" For those of you that are old enough to remember the cartoon. "Watch Out For That Tree!!"

I don't know if safety wear would have helped Old George out but I think you get my point.

Safety Wear or Safety Gear? Either way you say it, we are referring to Safety Apparel. Safety Gear seems like so much more broad of a term. So, we'll go with Safety Wear.

Safety vest, safety shirts, safety hats, safety jackets and even safety pants, if you can believe it, are at the top of the list of priorities in many businesses and for government employees like police officers and firemen. High Visibility wear has saved countless number of lives and prevented numerus injuries since it's invention in the 1930's. Bob Switzer and his brother Joe actually invented a reflective paint that lead to the invention of all types of reflective "wear" and beyond. There's a great article here if you want to read up on it.

Safety Wear has come a long way since the 1930's. Today the materials are much lighter. This allows for better breathability. That alone is vitally important. If someone is over heating, it's not only dangerous for them but for others around them. A person can have a lack of good judgement if they are experiencing a heat stroke.

Another example of improvement are with the safety vest. There are Class 2 and Class 3. Whereas, at one time there were no class indicators at all. Class 2 are designed to be worn by workers who are performing tasks and working in environments that pose some level of risk. These workers are usually operating on a roadway where vehicles are traveling below 50 MPH, and these types of high-visibility equipment are designed with more reflective areas on the vests. Class 3 are often worn by workers who operate in the most dangerous environments due to low lighting and the highest chance of an accident occurring. These environments typically have the most moderate visibility due to the environment or operations in the area, and workers must wear a Class 3 safety vest when working on roadways, where traffic travels above 50 MPH.

It is important that you choose the correct Class of safety wear. You can read up on which safety apparel you need here. While you're there you can purchase safety wear but you will be paying full retail and if you're wanting your logo printed on the High Vis Apparel you should buy from us. You get the same products at the same price. However, when you buy from us it includes the printing of your logo. We do not want to send you to another site but your safety is most important. We can and will make sure that you are choosing the correct Hi Vis Apparel to keep you and your crew as safe as possible.

Some companies such as landscaping and roofing companies do not have to be concerned with the different Classes of safety apparel. For them safety colored t-shirts keep their crew safe. Hi Vis shirts are easily screen printed. They keep people safe and they help keep your company name at the forefront in peoples minds.

Hi Vis t-shirts are also a great choice for large group outings. Think about it. If you're on a field trip with your students, you want to make sure that everyone stays together. It is very easy to pick out people in your group if everyone is wearing a hi vis t-shirt! In this case it doesn't necessarily have to be a safety colored shirt. It can be a bright vivid color. They will get the job done and you can chose a color more to your liking.

In closing we hope that we've provided information to help you make the right choice. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Oh, and if you haven't seen George of the Jungle, look it up on YouTube. It's still so funny!

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