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T-Shirt Printing - Marietta, Ga

Full color printing | Faster Turnaround | No extra charge


Don't let costly setup fees keep you from getting your t-shirt design or company logo printed the way you want it. And you shouldn't have to wait weeks to get it done.

One color or 12 colors. It doesn't matter. It's the same price. Get your custom t-shirts in days not weeks. Our printing process makes it all possible.

Because every order is unique, please submit your specifics so you can get exactly what you want and need.


Group Orders with Online Stores

Ordering custom t-shirts for your group is easy when you have an online store. If you've ever been in charge of ordering t-shirts for a group, then you know what a hassle it can be. Collecting sizes, money and sorting out orders is no small task. An online store will eliminate the hassles for you. Fire Stations, Field Day, Team Stores, Company Stores, Family Reunions, and Fundraising are what online stores are made for. All you do is share the link and hand out the orders that come packed individually. See how a Store works! 

Custom Embroidery in Marietta, Ga

Custom embroidery - Marietta, GA - USA Custom Screen Prints & Embroidery
Custom Embroidery in Marietta, GA
Embroidered polos in Marietta, GA
Custom embroidered shirts and hats, Marietta, GA

Custom embroidered shirts, hats, polos, aprons for your business or event.

  • 3D Puff embroidery

  • Logo embroidery

  • Custom embroidery

Find Your Products for Embroidery




Marietta's best embroidery company. Free Shipping & Free Delivery.


Visit us today. Free Shipping included with your order or come out and see us. We are conveniently located at 5493 Westmoreland Plaza, Douglasville, GA 30134, right off I-20 West. Come by and see us. It's worth the trip!

Because every order is unique, please submit your specifics so you can get exactly what you want and need.

Custom T-Shirt Printing Marietta, GA

Custom t-shirts are one of the most effective forms of promotion out there. You may be promoting your business or a fundraising event and custom tees are also one of the most affordable ways to go about it. There's several ways to keep the cost down on your t-shirts. The first being, chose and affordable tee. Next you'll want to keep the number of colors in your design down to a minimum. Ordering shirts in bulk will also help to keep the cost down of your tee shirts. Our expert designers can create a t-shirt design that saves you money and one that get the message across. At USA Custom Gear near Marietta, we carry all the latest styles and brands. Our experience in the screen printing and embroidery industry helps us direct you so you can have a easy and hassle free ordering experience. Come and see what makes us the best custom apparel shop in or near Marietta!

Custom T-Shirts near me Marietta, GA

USA Gear was born in Marietta, Ga. The company itself wasn't started in Marietta. However, the owner of our company was raised there. Following in the footsteps of his mother. She owned her own hair salon on Canton Hwy in Marietta. 

There will always be a place in our hearts for Marietta and all the surrounding areas. That's why we service your area in Marietta.

Small Business T-Shirts Marietta, GA

If you have a small business in Marietta, we can help you get recognized. Custom printed t-shirts and custom embroidered shirt with your logo will make your team look and feel professional. Company uniforms add a sense of trust with your customers. 

Company T-Shirts Marietta, GA

Large and small companies alike use company t-shirts and hats for recognition and advertising. They help you keep your name in front of the public. 

Business T-Shirts With Logo Marietta, GA

You can easily upload your businesses logo on t-shirts in the design studio. Buy your business t-shirts in bulk and save money. It is our recommendation that your logo should be simple. Most all of the biggest corporations in  America have simple logos. The reason for this is that they are very easy to recognize. If you need a logo redesign, we can help you simplify. Simplifying your logo will not affect the cost of your custom printed and embroidered apparel but it will help people remember you better.

Quick T-Shirt Design Online Marietta, GA

You can pay for a t-shirt design and wait days or you can create a quick t-shirt design in our design studio. You can use one of the t-shirt design templates and customize it without any problem at all. There's also tons of clipart images that you can use to design your own shirts quickly and easily. The design studio is set up just for that purpose. 

Reunion T-Shirts Marietta, GA

Reunion t-shirts make great memories. Family reunions, class reunions, high school reunions, army & navy reunions are all great reasons to have a reunion shirt made. You may not be able to have a reunion as frequently as you'd like but your t-shirt will bring you back to the time everyone got back together.

Fundraising T-Shirts Marietta, GA

T-Shirts are a great way to raise funds for your cause. You can reach more people than ever before with an online store your social media channels. If you're ordering your fundraising t-shirts from us you get a free online store to sell them in. All you need to do is send the link out with your message for the fundraiser. All the orders are placed in your store. There's no need for you to collect money, sizes or have leftover shirts. After your campaign ends, you receive a check for the funds you raised. It's really that simple.

Custom Screen Printing Marietta, GA

Custom Screen Printing is not the only way to get t-shirts made anymore. Digital heat applied graphics or sometimes referred to as DTF is the newest and best way to have your custom t-shirts made.

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