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Make your business standout from the Crowd!

If you're a business owner, you want your business to stand out from the crowd right? Of course you do. We all do. So the question is, how can I stand out from a crowded market place.

There are several ways to standout in a crowded market place but let's start with some basic questions.

  1. How do your employees appear in public? Do you they wear custom printed shirts? If so, are your shirts cluttered with to much information?

  2. Who designed your logo? Is your logo simple or complicated?

  3. How frequently do you replace your employees uniforms?

If you answered these questions honestly then you're on your way to standing out.

Let's address the first question. Which company do you have more confidence in doing a professional job?

The second crew is the obvious answer. Their appearance alone leads me to believe that they'll do a professional job. The pride this owner has in the company by outfitting the crew in matching uniforms says they care about the job at hand.

If you notice they also have an obvious crew leader indicated by the custom embroidered polo shirt.

The second group here has a pretty simple logo which is straight forward and very easy to understand what they do. One mistake we see from customer's is that they want to put WAY to much information on the back of their shirts. Most people will not read the back of a shirt. We know that you want to let potential customers know all the services that you offer. You can accomplish that on your website. If your company name and logo are clear and to the point, customers will look you up but if it's not, they'll pretty much ignore you and move onto the next company.

It can be tempting to only replace your company shirts and hats once every year or two because you know they'll get dirty anyway. Take the example over again. Even though they are a landscaping crew and they get dirty, their uniform shirts are newer. The question really is, how do you want to be thought of on a day to day basis? We recommend that you replace your company shirts and hats at a minimum of twice a year. Quarterly is the best plan however.

Custom printed t-shirts, custom embroidered shirts and hats are essential to get your business to standout. There are many other important ways that you can standout but since our profession is Custom Apparel we will not go into those.

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