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Custom T-Shirts, Custom Embroidery 
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Custom Printed T-Shirts and Custom Embroidery for You and Your Crew.



Custom Embroidered Polos and Shirts
Custom T-Shirt Printing, Body Shop T-Shirts
Safety Vest, Hi Visibilty Work Wear

Crew T-Shirts | Embroidered Staff Shirts | Uniform Acessories

Custom work shirts. Dickies work shirts, Red Kap Work shirts, Shirts for work custom
Work Shirts-PocketTee_LStee.png
Custom aprons for work. Long, medium and short aprons
Staff Polo Shirts, Custom embroidery

School Stores

Online Stores

  • Field Day

  • Spirit Wear

  • Field Trips

No Collecting Money

No Collecting Order Forms

Parents, students & teachers place their order in your webstore.

Orders can be bagged individually with their order receipt. This make distributing all orders a snap!

So easy and stress free! I work for a school and T-shirt orders are always the bane of my existence so when I heard that USA Custom Gear would make a website that parents, or anyone, could order a T-shirt from as well as package it with the name of the person who purchased it, I said, "how can I sign up for this?" The process was easy and seamless and they were always able to be reached if I had a question. I will definitely be using them from now on for everything T-shirts!!!    April Dewald

Event Stores

  • Family Reunion

  • Class Reunion

  • Fundraising

Still No Collecting Money

No Collecting Sizes

Everyone places their order in your webstore.

You set the selling price for the items in your fundraiser. Receive a check for your funds raised!


Company Stores

  • Order on Demand

  • Order in Bulk

  • Free Webstore

Never worry about running out of sizes. If you have a new employee, just go to your webstore and place an order for that employee.

No going back and forth with emails and phone calls. When it's time to place your bulk orders, simply go to your webstore.


Customers Testimonials

Charles Bowman.JPG

Charlie Bowman

The design I had for our shirts wasn't the best quality to work from. When I got the proof I couldn't believe how awesome it looked. The kids and parents loved the shirts. I'm glad we have someone we can really count on.


Amy Joyce

We had an important event and needed to look professional. The shirts we got look so good! Our event went great and we made lots of sales!!


Janice Evans

We had a family cruise coming up and forgot to order our shirts. We had an idea what we wanted the shirt to say. The t-shirt design we got was so cool. It matched our trip perfectly. Everyone got their shirt and the trip was amazing. 

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